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    Packing For Your Move - Let Us Do Your Packing
    Don’t have time to pack up your whole house? Rather use that time for other responsibilities? Hire a professional packing abbotsford team to do it for you. Our team at MoovaBox will pack up your entire house for you. We also provide moving boxes in Abbotsford and nearby areas. You can check our plastic moving boxes rates for 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom and custom offers here.

    Let Us Do Professional Packing at Affordable Prices

    The excitement of finding your new home or leaving your current one often gives way to panic when you realize how much effort is involved in moving and packing. Our team does a room-by-room approach which provides fast, efficient, and smart packing services in Abbotsford. Apart from that you can get plastic moving boxes with labels for easy packing and unpacking.
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    Our goal is to reduce stress at the most stressful time.

    Don’t worry about the hassle of packing, MooVa Box can handle it all.
    Moving Out?

    Not only do you have to decide what comes with you and what goes in the trash, to charity or to consignment, you also have the work itself of packing up. MooVa Box does your entire home from the bedrooms and closets, bathrooms, kitchen, pantry, and garage for a higher quality of organized packing!

    Moving In?

    For many people, a move takes far more effort than expected. Whether it is simply getting through the boxes at the end of a long day at work or if you want decor help to fill in the little touches and make your new place a home, we can help.

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    Stress from Moving and How to Handle It

    Along with the loss of a job, divorce, and losing a loved one, moving is enlisted as one of the most stressful things in life. You can make moving stress non-existent just by letting the experts do the job.

    Moving with Pets in Abbotsford

    Are you looking for convenient ways to ensure smooth moving with a dog? Read on to know some quick tips.

    Long-Distance Moving

    Moving from one province to another is a major undertaking. It takes a significant amount of time and effort, but it can also be a gratifying experience. Of course, with skilled long-distance movers on your side, you can make your move from Maple Ridge or anywhere else a breeze.


    MoovaBox manages everything required for your transition to a new home, whether another house, apartment ,condo or retirement community, from organizing, packing, arranging moving boxes and hiring qualified movers to unpacking and everything else in between.

    What packing services do you offer?

    We provide fast, efficient, and smart packing services at MooVa Box. We can also help assist you with temporary or long-term storage, movers, junk removal, technicians for home electronics setup, and much more!


    We are also happy to help recoup some of your money from your stuff. There are several options such as Facebook marketplace, consignment stores, garage sales, and more!

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    How long before my move should I begin planning?

    You should start planning for your move 6 weeks before your move date. You should begin looking for a moving company 8 weeks before you move. This way you can browse and contact different companies without being pressured. It is very important that we secure a mover first before planning out the rest of your move, this way you will know exactly when you will need to have everything ready. We are Abbotsford box company.

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    Are the packaging supplies included?

    Yes – we can supply you with any packing materials you might need, including moving boxes, helpful moving tips, tape, and bubble wrap. We use plastic rental boxes as much as possible

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    Can I do some of my own packing?

    Of course! We recommend you properly stuff the boxes and wrap fragile items before you tape your boxes shut. It is also helpful for the movers if you label all sides of the boxes so we know what the contents are and where they should be placed in your new location. You can also mark “Fragile” on any boxes that need extra careful handling.

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    How will my mirrors and pictures be protected and packed?

    Moving pictures with special moving boxes. That way they will arrive safely at your new location with maximum protection.

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